Paul Thomas 15lb 14oz Zander

Paul Thomas has been waiting more than 30 years land himself a new personal best zander then just like buses, 2 have come in quick succession.

He told us “After waiting for than 30 years for a new pb I recently managed to break it with a 15lb 14oz specimen from the River Severn, I thought I would struggle to beat this one…. However that all changed once again on a recent outing on the Warwickshire Avon.

The avon was swollen and coloured so I legered two bleak deadbaits mid river and it didn’t take belong before I was battling a heavy fish in the flow. After the usual crash dives at the side of the boat I managed to net the huge zander that was easily unhooked as I used a circle hook as opposed to trebles.

I was able to safely get ashore to accurately weight the fish on dry land and it was soon confirmed, a new pb weighing in at 16lb 2oz.”