Paul Scowen 4lb 15oz Perch

Having just landed a reservoir stripy of 4lb 10oz, Paul Scowen returned to the venue and enjoyed three spectacular days of action, landing 10 fish over four pounds, topped by this 4lb 15oz specimen.

On his first return trip, Paul headed to the area he’d had his fish from previously but found nothing there. Eventually, he located the fish shoaled tightly and positioned his boat over the top of them. Dropshot tactics produced on his initial session, with Paul bringing six ‘fours’ to the boat, topped by the 4lb 15oz fish.

On the next session the fish had moved again, but once among them he landed yet more specimens, this time to 4lb 14oz. Finally, on his third day, he managed a fish of 4lb 2oz alongside six slightly smaller specimens.Across all his sessions, Paul found that the perch would go for long periods where they couldn’t be stirred by lures, before they’d go on a short, chaotic feeding spell and dispersing around lunchtime.

Well done Paul!