Paul Scowen 37lb 1oz Pike

Over the past few winters, Oxford angler Paul Scowen has had his sights firmly set on a pike over 35lb and its safe to say he’s smashed it this year with this 37lb 1oz predator.

He was fishing from the bank of pike mecca Chew Valley, the venue that produced a new British Record earlier in the season using a smelt deadbait. Offering the deadbait over the back of a weed bed, Paul received a steady take around lunchtime and wound down into what was clearly a good fish. It kited left, taking line repeatedly as it neared the bank, and wiped out his other rod.

After wading out to land the fish, Paul found that his landing net was snagged in some overhanging roots. Due to high water levels, he couldn’t get both himself and the fish out together so called over his fishing partner, Gavin Fudge, to help. Calamity then unfolded, as Gavin lost his balance whilst leaning out to grab the net and fell straight into the thigh-high water! Eventually, the pair got out, and Paul was very happy with the figure on his scales, with Gavin’s fall adding ‘colour and laughter’ to the tale!

Well done Paul!