Paul Passmore’s Oxford Canal Net using Acolyte Pole

Paul Passmore from the Devizes Match Group with a terrific net of fish from a difficult Oxford Canal match at the weekend.

The canal was very clear with lots of leaves on the surface for an open match pegged in Oxford from Wolvercote to Jericho. Colin Wainwritght (Sensas A4) won the match with 11lb 14oz consisting of one 4lb bream and several good sized skimmers from runner-up Paul Passmore with his 10lb 13oz net of perch and roach.

Paul fished an Acolyte Pole and started on the punch and had a succession of small roach for about 1lb total before switching to fishing good sized segments of worm on 0.16mm diameter line to a Kamasan B711 size 11. First put-in was a net perch quickly followed by another four!

Thereafter Paul kept rotating his lines fishing chopped worm, bread punch and a bloodworm and joker line to keep fish coming for the full 5 hours. A really nice day’s fishing on what was a rather bleak looking, crystal clear canal.

Final Result:

Colin Wainwright 11lb 14oz (Sensas A4)
Paz 10lb 13oz (Devizes Match Group)
Tony Hobbs 7lb 15oz (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths)
Alex Clements 6lb 8oz (Milo Bordon)

For full details on the amazing Drennan Acolyte Pole as used by Paul, click here.

Oxford Canal