Paul Elt’s New Crucian Venue

St Neots specialist Paul Elt contacted us to tell us about some interesting Crucian Carp fishing he’d discovered at one of his local farm ponds.

He discovered a little known, but well established old farm irrigation pool had started allowing anglers; and decided on a recce trip to see what the venue contained.  His enterprise was rewarded when early trips produced a string of handsome 2lb Crucian Carp to 2lb 7oz.

Paul found Kamasan Black Cap maggot feeder tactics with mini helicopter rigs on 4lb Supplex to be the best tactic, incorporating a size 14 Specimen Plus hook on a very short 3lb hooklink baited with double maggot. He’s aiming to go back in the Spring and target them with the float.

For full details on the Drennan Specimen Plus hook, click here.