Paul Dolman’s Scottish Salmon Haul

Drennan’s Midlands Sales Agent & expert Salmon angler Paul Dolman enjoyed a tremendous weekend on the River Tay in Scotland recently!

Paul was invited to fish an exclusive beat on the Tay in Perthshire by the resident Ghillie’s in an experimental capacity based on gauging the suitability of extending the Salmon fishing season on the relevant estate.

Five anglers fished for two days, catching 18 Salmon! Paul bagged 8 of the fish, with 7 on the Fly using a floating line, a super-fast sink tip and a Junction Shrimp Tube Fly on Drennan Double Strength 17lb as tippet material.

The final fish was caught on a black and gold Abu Toby lure whilst spinning; all the Salmon caught were in stunning condition, fresh-run fish many carrying Sea Lice still and all carefully returned.

“You can see that I am using the ESP Sightline polarised sunglasses (on lanyard in photos), they really are fantastic – they just light the bottom of the river up!” enthused Paul.

For full details on Drennan Double Strength mono, as used by Paul for his tippets, click here.