Paul Bailey 4lb 10oz Perch

“My float shot under and I struck into a heavy weight..

This season, Paul Bailey had decided to concentrate his fishing time on perch fishing and has managed to get out every weekday morning since lockdown was lifted and has managed a fair few specimens!

Paul told us “By targeting my focus onto 2 or 3 stillwaters in the Yorkshire area and just fishing a couple of hours before first light, I’ve managed to land myself several 2’s, four 3’s and a 4lb 2oz beauty but on a recent session, I managed this stunning 4lb 10oz which has topped them all.

I arrived at my usual time and lightly baited up next to some pads with red maggots, redworms and chopped prawns before casting my waggler fished prawn hookbait to the spot.

Two hour passed without a bite and then the heavy rain arrived so I decided to pack up my kit and call it a day. Whilst doing so, my float shot under and I struck into a heavy weight.

I had to come out of the cover of my brolly and got a real soaking, but it was necessary as the perch had tried to snag me in the pads twice. After managing to steer it out, I quickly slipped my net under the fish and she was mine.

My current pb is just over 5 so I knew this one was close. At 4lb 10oz it’s probably the biggest summer perch I have ever caught and one that I would love to see again in the winter!”