Oxford Summer League – Round Three

The third round of the Oxford Summer League saw seven teams of six on the River Thames at Dorchester and Benson. Big fish were at a premium but there were small fish to be caught in most sections and it turned out to be a very fair match.

Ian Young’s winning catch.

In first place was Ian Young, fishing for Drennan Oxford Blue, with 15lb 4oz from the bottom end peg at Dorchester.

“I fed chopped worm and caster at 6m at the bottom of the shelf and hemp at 11m,” he explained. “I then started on the feeder, which was a waste of time with little chublets rattling the tip, so it went up the bank and out went a big worm on a 2g pole rig. I caught three reasonable perch on this and then a 3lb tench, which was handy!

“I then swapped between the chop line and my hemp line for the rest of the day picking up more perch and 4-6oz chublets on the chop until the last hour when I could catch on the seed more consistently. I didn’t have loads of roach but worked out a few things so I was happy enough.”

Ian's swim at Dorchester.
Ian’s swim at Dorchester.

Second place went to Steve Townsend (Drennan Oxford Yellow) with 12lb 1oz. He drew in the bottom section at Benson and had 7lb of roach and 5lb of bleak, all on a 6m whip to hand with maggot on the hook over groundbait feed.

Third was Mark Harrington (Sensas A4) with 10lb 15oz who had four big perch plus small chub on a chopped worm feeder and worm on the hook.

Round 3 Teams:

  • 1st Drennan Oxford Yellow – 41 points
  • 2nd Sensas A4 – 36
  • 3rd Drennan Oxford Blue – 33


  • 1st Drennan Oxford Yellow – 112 points
  • 2nd Drennan Oxford Blue – 104
  • 3rd Sensas A4 – 100