Oxford Summer League – Round Five

The fifth round of the Oxford Summer League was fished by 7 teams of 6 on the Thames at Sandford and Appleford reach.

After recent matches where the roach have shown in vast numbers, they proved hard to catch, especially on the Appleford reach where a lot of anglers struggled to put together 5lb. But the match results from round five have set up a close finish for the league which finishes next week.

1st: Stuart Keable (Sensas A4) – 20lb 14oz. Stuart Drew at the bottom end of Appleford and made no mistake having landing early bream on the feeder and then catching roach on the waggler.

2nd: Tony Hobbs (Drennan Oxford Yellow) – 15lb 2oz. Tony drew on the beach near the bottom end at Sandford and caught roach and perch on the pole fishing maggot over groundbait.

3rd: Steve Townsend (Drennan Oxford Yellow) – 13lb 5oz. Steve drew first peg at Littlemore and caught roach, perch and bleak on the pole fishing maggot over groundbait.

4th: Dick Ashby (ISIS) – 13lb 5oz. Dick also drew at Littlemore and caught roach on the waggler using caster and hemp.

5th: Steve Pawson (Sensas A4) – 13lb.


1st: Sensas A4 – 38 Points
2nd: Drennan Oxford Yellow – 33 Points
3rd: ISIS – 32 Points


1st: Drennan Oxford Yellow – 168 Points
2nd: Sensas A4 – 165 Points
3rd: Drennan Oxford Blue – 148 Points
3rd: Drennan Bordon – 148 Points