Ollie’s Early Season Trio

Oliver Jenkinson has sent us three quality fish captures, each taken with very contrasting tactics.


“The common weighed 20lb 4oz and was caught on the fly, using a fake deer hair dog biscuit fly tied to a 12lb Drennan Supplex leader.

“The barbel was on my first barbel session of the new season and was caught around 10 minutes after casting out! It fell to a large lump of meat fished on a light running leger. The hooklink consisted of 15lb ESP Two Tone Strip Teaze tied to a size 5 Drennan Barbel hook.

“The chub weighed 4lb 9oz and was caught on a free-lined slug hooked onto a size 5 Drennan Barbel hook, tied direct to 8lb Drennan Supplex.”