Nigel Kennard 7lb 11oz chub

Stour success for Nigel!

Stour success for Nigel!

After recently landing himself a new pb barbel from the Hampshire Avon, Nigel Kennard decided to switch his attention to the Dorset Stour in search of chub.
Nigel told us “I had been baiting up 3 stretches for a few weeks and after my recent barbel success, it was now time to hopefully land my target of a 7lb chub.

I arrived late in the afternoon for my first session on the stour to find the river coloured so spotting fish was out the question. I decided to fish a nice margin swim and dropped six boilies to hopefully move any chub out of the swim. I then out cast a pva mesh bag containing 8 boilies and a handful of powdered boilies, I left this rod until I got a bite as I like to keep disturbance down to a minimum.

It didn’t take long for my first bite as after 2 minutes my tip was going and after a short battle, a 5lb 13oz chub was in the net. A short while after the tip was pulling round again but unfortunately I lost this fish due to a hook pull. I decided to give the swim a rest so went for a walk around the fishery but returned an hour later and swung out another pva bag into the swim. Just like before, it didn’t take long for another bite but this was felt a bit different. The fish tried to get into some nearby reeds but by applying some gentle side strain, I managed to turn its head without much hassle and netted it first time.

On the mat it looked big, I was hoping for a 7lb chub this season so I put her on the scales and she went 7lb 5oz. Target achieved on my first visit to this particular river this season! I had another 2 sessions on the same stretch later that week, catching several chub between 5lb 9oz and 6lb 3oz.

A week later I arrived to a different Stretch of the stour I have been baiting up, again arriving late afternoon. The water was still coloured but I had seen a big chub in the summer in a particular swim so decided to start there, using the same baiting tactics as before I had to wait an hour for my only bite of the session but after good fight I landed this lovely chub of 7lb9oz which is my biggest chub form the stour and a fish just 2oz off my 7lb11oz pb caught from the River Lea some years ago.