New Product: Drennan Gravel Braid

Attention all you specimen Tench & Bream anglers just planning your Spring campaign – take a look at the brilliant new Gravel Braid we’ve just launched.  This supple, fast sinking Dyneema based material has been specially designed to be as camouflaged as possible against a typical gravel bottom, consisting of various shades of brown over each few inches of braid, which really breaks up its appearance.  It is very supple and ‘soft touch’ so that big, wary fish shouldn’t spook off the feel of the material even it doesn’t fall perfectly flat against the bed.

Available in breaking strains of 8lb, 10lb, 12lb & 15lb we believe it is going to be a huge hit for specimen anglers for a wide range of species, from Tench to Bream, Barbel to Carp.   In fact, one of the Drennan lads has already compiled a sensational catch on the material – further details here in the next few days!

For full details on the Drennan Gravel Braid click here.