NEW Drennan Matchpro Ultralight 11ft Rod

We’ve just added a new rod to the Drennan website – the Matchpro Ultralight 11ft – which was launched in the Spring of 2012.

The original Ultralight Waggler rods were launched way back in 2001 – and they have been a consistent anglers favourite, in both match & specimen circles, ever since!

At just 11ft this model is perfect for all Silverfish and F1s and is particularly well suited to small, shallow commercial waters, especially where regular casting and retrieving is involved. 

Well-known Norfolk specialist angler and author Chris Turnbull has been using one whilst fishing for specimen Crucian carp – and has provided us with some excellent feedback on the rod:-
“I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your new Matchpro Ultralight 11ft float rod. For a few seasons I have been in love with my 14ft Ultralight, considering it the perfect tool for float fishing for smaller species such as grayling, roach and rudd, etc. This season I stumbled across a little known water of around an acre that held a nice head of true Crucian Carp reputed to reach almost three pounds. I have always loved fishing for Crucians but in recent years true examples have become so rare that I’d come to a point where I doubted I would ever fish for them again, without traveling to fisheries such as Marsh Farm for the privilege. The water in question turned out to be a fabulous little lake, strewn with lilies and surrounded by overhanging willows and reedbeds. I quickly found that the best place to catch these Crucians was right in the margins, a job for which my 14 ft Ultralight proved several feet too long for, as using it meant that I had to sit so far back from the water that I couldn’t reach it with my landing net.

    In recent years a trend has been occurring on various commercial carp puddles to use 10 & 11 foot float rods for pellet fishing in the tight confines of the swims. Thinking that one of these rods could be the answer to my problem, I bought one but quickly found that the action was a bit fierce for Crucian fishing. Indeed this resulted in the hook pulling at the brim of the net from the best Crucian I have hooked so far this season. Obviously I needed a rethink and thankfully your 11 ft Ultralight came to the rescue, proving to be the perfect tool for the job. Being delicate enough to use with small floats and light lines, the action is so soft and sweet that it is a joy to play hard fighting Crucians on, yet it still has that bit of steeliness in the bottom section when it is needed. Being a two piece it has also had the advantage of me being able to keep it rigged up in my holdall, which is a blessing when I arrive at the waters edge at dawn, as it allows me to be set up and fishing within minutes, rather than spending ages blindly fiddling around in the darkness trying to thread line through the eyes, tie hooks and pinch on shot.”           – Chris Turnbull, August 2012

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