Neill Stephen’s 3lb 5oz Grayling on Fluorocarbon Fly Leader

London specialist angler and previous Drennan Cup Winner Neill Stephen with a specimen Grayling weighing 3lb 5oz.

After miles of walking Neill managed to locate a small group of big fish on an undisclosed stream, and worked out that the best way to effectively target them in exceptionally clear, shallow water was by casting an artificial fly.

Fooled by a size 14 pink shrimp pattern to 4lb Drennan Fluorocarbon Fly Leader, the big Grayling was hooked in an area of fast water and put up a terrific and nerve-wracking battle whilst being played.

Fluorocarbon Fly Leader is actually very useful for coarse anglers as it’s available in convenient and affordable lengths. I use it for my tench and roach helicopter and feeder hooklinks for those reasons. It’s also a very tough material that, on the fly rod, has survived some epic trout and grayling battles, including being dragged through weeds, snagged on sunken branches, and rubbed against tree roots and rocks” Neill told us.

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