Nathan’s Stillwater Chub on Matchpro Ultralight Rod

Many thanks to Nathan Walter for this fantastic photo of  a 4lb+ stillwater chub, caught on a Drennan Matchpro Ultralight rod

“I’ve been fishing Tricklebrook Fishery in Kent for the roach but had a rather nice surprise with this decent chub of 4lb 10oz instead. It looked huge but just had no belly to it whatsoever. Taken on sweetcorn flavoured with Pallatrax Winter Almond and used in conjunction with the Bloodworm and Maggot Crush groundbait. Rod was of course the Drennan Matchpro Ultralight 14ft, Drennan Red fixed spool reel, 3lb Supplex, Drennan antenna float and Drennan Silverfish hooks-to-nylon.

The big roach are a little more elusive at the moment. I’ve taken several hundred roach to 1lb 5oz with a good average weight of 6-12oz. Great fun but I’d really like a ‘2lb-er’ of course!”

For more information on the Matchpro Ultralight range, as used by Nathan, click here.