Nathan Walter’s Double-Figure Wye Barbel

Nathan Walter has sent us these pictures of some superb River Wye Barbel!

10lb Barbel

Accompanied by a couple of friends over to Herefordshire for a 3 day trip to start the season, the lads found the fishing slower than usual, yet managed some big fish between them. Nathan caught this tremendous fish of exactly 10lb, backed up by another cracker (below) of 9lb 3oz.

Successful strategy was to fish a 3oz Cage Feeder packed with groundbait and mixed pellets, with a Sonubaits Hemp and Spicy Sausage pellet on a 3′ hooklink, on a spot baitdropped with Hemp & Pellet.

9lb-3oz Barbel

The rod tip banged and dragged round. The culprit put up one hell of a fight. After several attempts to get it near to the net, this powerhouse of a barbel surged off on another amazing run, I began to realize this was a really good fish. It looked long, long enough to be a nice double. Eventually I netted my prize and left it resting in the net for some time. It had fought so hard it needed a good rest. Then I weighed her in at exactly 10lbs, despite looking nearer to 11lb. These fish are so lean and muscular, which is why they fight so hard. So my first ever Wye double had been secured and I was over the moon!” explained Nathan.

Drennan Power Float Rod

Nathan also told us he’s just purchased one of the Drennan compact Power Float 13ft rods.

I bought a Drennan Power Float rod for trotting for barbel this year. My mate bought one last season and its so light and responsive I just had to have one.

For full details on this rod click here.

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