More Drennan Goodies Unveiled!

We are very pleased to announce our latest pole, great float designs, quality line and a brand-new range of bait!


First up is the Series 7 Pole. Available as a 13.0 and 14.5m option it has been designed to cope with both carp and silverfish. It features our latest Side Pull System and, as with all Drennan poles, it comes with an impressive array of extras and the option to customise your own top kit package.

carp-float-display-boardNext are two new pole floats. Built to the same exacting standards as the award-winning Alan Scotthorne range, they feature a super tough acrylic paint finish, our unique black stainless steel spring eyes and reinforced hollow Glow Tips. The shape of the Carp 1 makes it the perfect all-rounder while the diamond-bodied Carp 2 has a special banded tip and is ideally suited to bigger baits.

Supplex FluorocarbonSupplex has rapidly established itself as one of the very best lines on the market and is now joined by Supplex Fluorocarbon. Made from 100% fluorocarbon it is a available in a wide selection of sizes from 0.075mm (0.9lb) right up to 0.30mm (10lb) and we are sure it will find favour amongst match, pleasure and specimen anglers alike.

Rounding off an unquestionably diverse product launch is an exciting new range of hook baits and additives!

yum-yums-all-fourYum Yums are soft hooker pellets in 4mm and 6mm sizes which are perfect for hooking straight from the tub. You get a choice between red Crab & Krill and natural Shellfish Extract flavours, both of which have been responsible for some great catches of fish with our field testers.

yum-yum-bait-boosterYum Yum Bait Booster is also available in a choice of Crab & Krill and Shellfish Extract. These handy bottles can be used to enhance anything you wish, from pellets and particles to groundbait.

method-boilies-tutti-fruttiMethod Boilies come in four proven colour and flavour combinations: white Scopex Syrup, orange Tutti Frutti, pink Crab & Krill and yellow Pineapple Punch. Each tub contains a mixture of 8mm and 10mm hook baits.

bandit-dumbells-f1-crab-krillBandit Dumbells are available in the same sizes, colours and winning flavour combos as our Method Boilies. Added to these are smaller 6mm Bandit F1 Dumbells. As the name suggests, these dumbell-shaped hookers lend themselves perfectly to being banded and can be fished equally well on the pole, waggler or feeder.

All of our New Products have been extensively developed and field-tested and are designed to help you catch more fish. Keep an eye on our website for more updates.