Mike’s Specimen Grayling ‘to-die-for’

Mikes Grayling To Die For

Drennan’s South-East Sales Representative and ace all-rounder Mike Davidson with a
‘to-die-for’ Grayling weighing 3lb 3oz, caught from the River Severn!

Mike caught several fish to just over 2lb by trotting maggots with a Dave Harrell Avon float and Red Maggot hooks, before switching to a maggot feeder and a Matchpro Super Feeder rod at the end of the day – a strategical masterstroke which resulted in the spectacular three pounder!  Mike set up a Medium Vari-Weight maggot feeder with exactly the right amount of weight so that it just balanced against the flow, resulting in an unmissable bite and an epic scrap with the big fish against the flow of the river.   Both Gary Newman and mutual friend Ben Corfield also caught big Grayling to complete a brilliant day…

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For full details on the clever Vari-Weight Feeders as used by Mike to catch his 3lb 3oz Grayling, click here: