Mike Staines 7lb 13oz chub

“It’s one of the biggest chub caught from King’s Weir this season.”

“I ventured over to the Kings Weir fishery on the River Lea at 11am and planned to fish for the big bream that live there all the way up until the afternoon.

I managed two slabs of 7lb 11oz and 7lb 13oz whilst using maggot feeder tactics but decided to switch one of the rods to an open-ended feeder with groundbait and a pellet hookbait just before it got dark.

The logic was that it would be easier to attract the fish to a smellier bait but It would also gave me a better chance of catching a barbel or a chub – which grow very big in this river.
At 5:40pm I landed an 8lb 14oz bream on the pellet set-up but an hour later the same rod signalled yet another very good bite.

The tip absolutely hammered round but unlike the bite, the fight was very sluggish as the fish came straight to the surface and was eased into the net first time!
To be honest I thought it was another bream, but when it turned out to be a chub I was absolutely delighted.