Mike Davidson’s Tench

Here’s a nice picture of Mike Davidson’s successful Tench rig from the weekend – incorporating a Drennan 35g Large Flat Method Feeder (loaded with method mix) and a short hooklength of the new 10lb Gravel Braid.  Hookbait, as shown, was two of the Bloodworm Red artificial buoyant maggots, which proved just right to balance a size 12 Super Specialist Barbel hook.   In this picture Mike has pulled the method connector clear of the feeder to illustrate his neat loop attachment, making it a very simple to change hooklengths when required.

Mike’s tactics were good for 39 Tench over 48 hours, with all the fish being over 4lb 8oz and five being over 7lb.  Early April is often a really good time to start Tench fishing as a rise in water temperatures, combined with lengthening days, can encourage them to feed really hard after their Winter inactivity.  Most of us would be pretty pleased with 39 gravel pit tench in a whole spring, Mike is just plain greedy!

For further details on the Drennan Flat Method Feeders, click here.