Matthew Wright 4lb 11oz Crucian Carp

Potential British record crucian banked!!

Lots of anglers quite often change their focus towards pike, perch or even chub during the colder months but not Matthew Wright, who only ever fishes for tench and crucians and has previously banked big crucians in temps as low as -3.

Matthew told us “I had a real red letter session fishing for crucians on a Surrey stillwater. At 11:30 my right hand rod burst into life and shot off which resulted in a new personal best 4lb 4oz specimen. I was left shaking from landing that fish alone but 30 minutes later my left hand rod went off, the power from this fish was something else and I thought it was a carp! But then it rolled and I saw it, thankfully it didn’t give me too much hassle and soon enough it was in the bottom of my net. On the scales she went 4lb 11oz and was weighed 3 times, on 2 sets of scales and witnessed by 3 people.

I’m still in shock to be honest, both fish really are fish of a lifetime and I still can’t quite get my head around it. Both crucians were caught from a spot around 30 yards out which I baited with a little hemp, 3mm halibut and 3mm robin red pellets which were flavoured with citrus oil. At the business end I fished 2 15g Drennan Method Feeders loaded with a sweet groundbait and 2 buoyant fake casters on a short hooklink which were cast over the top.

It’s been a few days since I caught them and it’s still all a bit of a blur. I can’t quite believe it’s happened to me but if you’re sat at home, you’ll never catch them. I only ever fish for tench and crucians and have previously caught crucians in -3oC before, I’m not fazed by the temps and I know they’ll feed at some point in the day. I never in a million years thought I’d break my old pb of 3lb 9oz twice in a session let alone a season! But to top it off a fish that could be a British record.

I’m currently waiting to hear back from the Angling Trust about whether they think it’s a true crucian or not, alongside their direction as to if I should submit a claim. I’m not fussed either way thought, I’m just happy knowing I’ve caught a crucian of this magnitude and proved that anybody, regardless of their angling skill or knowhow, can catch one.”