Matt Peacock 4lb 8oz Perch

Massive perch seem to turn up in the most unlikely of venues these days, as Matt Peacock found when he landed this 4lb 8oz fish from a tiny 10-swim crucian pond.

The venue is a club water that’s overlooked by many members, but Matt figured there could be a few good perch present, due to its good head of silverfish and lack of pike. He’d managed a few perch from there on early sessions, with a couple of low ‘twos’ hitting the net, but he suspected the pond had more to offer.

With a few hours free after work, Matt popped out on the off chance and introduced a mixture of groundbait and chopped worm. His lobworm hookbait was fished on a float-leger setup, which allowed him to place his bait right under a nearside bush whilst still having the sensitivity of a float for bite detection. He managed just one bite that session, but what a fish it turned out to be. This 4lb 8oz beast of a perch.

Well done Matt!