Matt Atkins 5lb 2oz Perch

Knowledge certainly proved the key for Matt Atkins when he banked this superb 5lb 2oz perch!

He told us “Knowing that the big perch in my local stillwater feed mainly during a short window in the morning, I got down to the fishery for the crack of dawn to try my luck. On arrival I noticed some grebes diving for fry at the back of a dying weedbed roughly 40 yards out, so with that in mind I decided to fish to that area.Out went a couple of feeders of crumb, chopped worm and maggot to get a small bed of bait down before I attached my hooklink with half a lobworm as bait. Two hours passed without a knock and I started to think it wasn’t going to be my day, when suddenly my bite alarm indicated a couple of bleeps and my bobbin jingled slightly.

That was enough for me to strike and I set the hook into a very big fish that plodded around, shaking its head viciously. As it surfaced I thought it looked to be a good ‘four’, and after netting the fish it wasn’t until I got it up the bank and onto my unhooking mat that I realised the sheer size of it!

At 5lb 2oz it was a way off the 6lb 4oz specimen I caught from the venue a few months ago, but you can never complain with a 5lb perch! It was my only bite of the morning and I drove home at 11:30am a very happy man.”