Martin Jauncey 16lb 5oz zander

“I only had one bite during my latest trip to the River Severn but I couldn’t complain when it turned out to be from this awesome 16lb 5oz zander”

“Zeds typically love roach deadbaits and I did fish half of one on one rod, but I also legered a lamprey section into the middle of the river on an another. Lamprey bleed for a long time in the water so I just thought it’d give me an edge, but they offer something different to what the zander normally see on this river.

Half-way through the session I realised my plan had worked as I received a single knock on the lamprey rod which I picked up fast.

I waited for another knock before striking as I know that zander can drop the bait quickly.
I wanted to make sure it had the bait fully in its mouth. The fish didn’t run a lot so I knew it wasn’t a pike – It was just like dragging-in a heavy weight as it stayed very deep. I don’t normally panic in my fishing but it was a rush to get it in the net when It first surfaced!
I’ve caught a number of 15lb-plus zander in the past and my personal best is 20lb 2oz, but for me it never gets old seeing a fish of that size slip into your net.”