Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #21 – Hooking A Worm

Lobworms have to be one of the best baits for targeting perch, but being such a big bait they can mask the hook and result in lost fish so the way you hook them is very important.

Choice of hook pattern always plays a huge part in any form of fishing and depends entirely on what bait you plan on using. I like to use a wide gape pattern whilst perch fishing with big baits such as worms, my number one choice being a Kamasan B983 which I use in either a size 4, 6 or 8 tied to 4lb 4oz Supplex Fluorocarbon.

To hook a lobworm, I first place the hook through the saddle. I then snap the remainder of the worm off just above and then hook that section back onto the hook. This means that both broken sections are right by the hook, which is often the area perch focus their attention on first thus meaning a better hook up ratio.