Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #10 – Sight Fishing

Stalking if the river is running clear can be a great method, it allows you to be selective and pick out the biggest fish from the shoal.

Here is a great a tactic shown to me by the late great Terry Lampard which is fantastic for chub or barbel.

A simple paternoster is constructed using only just enough swan shot to hold station, the reason for this is you will be striking and this is impeded by a heavy-weight. The hooklength is long to minimise the chance of your target brushing the mainline and onto it, a couple of inches from the hook, is a float stop to which a piece of chewing gum is moulded.

Being light in colour, this acts as a visual indicator and when the fish sucks in the bait it will lift telling you to strike. If however, a smaller specimen is responsible you simply ignore it and allow the rig to be spat out. The odds are now in your favour for the biggest fish and with little edges like this, it’s little wonder that ‘Lamps’ caught so many!