Mark’s String of Big Ouse Chub

Thank you to St Neots specimen angler Mark Simmonds for more super big-Chub pictures, from the in-form River Great Ouse at the end of the season, this handsome fish above is the 6lb 3oz example.

A few of my chub from this flood shortened river winter. I ended up with four different chub over 6lb to 6lb 15oz from a local river stretch. All the chub were taken using Drennan Super Specialist Wide Gape hooks in size 6, and landed with help from your Super Specialist Twistlock landing net handle which I use for all of my fishing.

I had to work hard for my fish, often visiting 4 different stretches in a day to locate a fishable stretch and feeding fish but this often paid dividends with multiple fish hits! My bait alternated between bread flake and lob worm and I used just enough lead to hold the bottom and the lightest quiver tip I could get away with and the chub weighed, in order, 6lb 3oz (last day of the season), 6lb 6oz, 6lb 15oz, 6lb 3oz.”  Mark explained, pictured inset below with the superb 6lb 15oz specimen.

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