Mark Turner’s fabulous River Anker brace

Thanks to Tamworth angler Mark Turner for this fabulous River Anker brace picture – a superb start to the river season on his local river with a 13lb 9oz Barbel and a 5lb 2oz Chub!

Mark used a large Drennan Gripmesh feeder to deliver a heavy method mix groundbait to the river bed, and a hair-rigged 20mm spicy boilie as hookbait on an 8-inch 15lb Dacron hooklength.

After a thrilling battle in which his rod sustained some damage, the barbel stripping line off Mark’s centrepin reel as it charged up and down in heavy flood water – Mark managed to land the fish, commenting he was still so confident in the his size 6 Super Specialist boots, which he rates “tough as old boots!”

For full details on the Drennan Gripmesh feeders, which are available from mini 15g up to large 30g, click here.