Mark Stocker 6lb 10oz Chub

On most rivers, there are a few stretches that receive the majority of attention from anglers, but sometimes, getting away from the crowds can pay off handsomely.

This was the case for Mark Stocker, who’s been targeting a quiet section of the Dorset Stour this season, with great results, topped off with this 7lb 15oz chub which has been backed up with numerous other good fish from the stretch, up to 6lb 10oz.

His winning tactics has been link-legered cheesepaste. He makes the bait himself, and his setup comprises of 7lb line, a size 10 hook, and a 2oz quiver tip – crucial for those delicate chub bites. When he landed the largest chub, which is his new PB, he had a solid pull on the tip before the fish found the sanctuary of some tree roots. Initially, he was snagged, but with gentle persuasion, he eased the fish out and soon had it safely in the net.

Well done Mark!