Mark Simmonds’ Hat-Trick of 20lb+ Pike

Many thanks again to Mark Simmonds from St Neots, who is pictured here with some quality Pike.


Having never had a 20lb pike before and being forced onto gravel pits by the floods locally I was over joyed to get my first 20 at 24lb 7oz from a local gravel pit. This was taken on an oil injected skimmer float fished in the margins.

My second 20 was taken just 3 weeks later on a Fenland river at 20lb 15oz, again on the float on a roach dead bait, a proper old warrior of a pike.

My 3rd just two weeks later came from another gravel pit and fell to a ledgered roach injected with oil and weighed 22lb 5oz. All fish were taken using E-Sox Super Trace Wire in 34lb, and the 24 & 20 fish taken on a Drennan Zeppler float.”

For more information on the E-SOX Super Trace Wire, as used by Mark, click here.