Mark Everard 1lb 2oz 8dr dace

MARK Everard’s decision to fish through howling 40mph winds, heavy rain and a rapidly falling temperatures paid-off superbly with the capture of this plump 1lb 2oz 8dr dace.

Undeterred by the less-than-ideal conditions the University Professor trotted breadflake over liquidised bread on his local Bristol Avon to hook into several roach and dace, but the 1lb 2oz 8dr fish proved to be the highlight of the session.

He said: “I set the Bristol Avon dace record back in 1996 with a 1lb 2oz 8dr fish, equalled it in 2009 and now I have equalled it again!”

What is interesting is that this new fish, a female, has not yet put on much in the way of spawn and could be heavier come the new year.”