Margin Fishing Advice With Maurice Prijs

There is definitely no need to overcomplicate margin fishing, but it is worthwhile taking a few things into account to maximise your catches.

Dutch-angler, Maurice Prijs talks you through his tactics:

On a lot of commercials, you will be wasting your time trying to catch fish down the margin in the early stages of a session. Fish will begin to move into in the margins during the afternoon. as anglers throw all kinds of leftover bait into the margins after their session.

Depending on depth, I will feed groundbait in margins less than 50cm deep, and I prefer a particle mix for deeper margins. Groundbait is very effective, but will not pin the fish down in the deeper water.

Today, I am faced with a nice margin to the right, with a depth of around 40cm. In this depth, I prefer a strong and stable float that takes quite a bit of shot, a 0.5g Margin Crystal is perfect for this. When the big carp are there, I want my float to stay stable and not waft around the peg causing foul-hooked fish.

After the initial six pots of groundbait and 4 pots of water to ring the dinner bell, about 20 minutes later a few fish move in and begin to cloud up the water and begin to swirl. Two big worms on a very strong size 10 Margin Carp hook are then lowered into position. It is important to position the float as tight as possible to the reeds so that the carp cannot come behind the float and cause line bites and foul-hooked fish.

With such a big target bait, it does not take long before the Margin Crystal shoots under and the first carp is hooked. Just keep monitoring your margin swim for the presence of fish. If those fish are still there, you will catch them. If not, do not hesitate to introduce more groundbait to get them there.