Make Some Noise

Dutch angler, Maurice Prijs has been using shallow tactics to catch F1’s and carp from Tom’s Creek in Holland. 

“According to the dictionary, ‘noise’ means a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes a disturbance. Nothing can be further from the truth targeting F1s and carp on commercials in the summer. In warmer months fish love noise and home in on it. They associate the noise with anglers feeding and where there is noise there is food to be found.”

Maurice likes to fish close to the island on Tom’s Creek which is about 40cm deep. The use of a Ghost Tip helps to reduce spooking fish that could potentially be spooked by a pole tip waving over their heads.

Maurice uses a Crystal Dibber for his shallow fishing. It is short, clear and unobtrusive and is far less likely to spook a fish than a solid balsa float. A 0.4g Crystal Dibber is a perfect choice as it creates a good splash when slapped onto the surface to attract a fish.

“After some initial feeding, making a ‘feeding noise’ can result in bites, without feeding. Slapping the rig or tapping the top of the top kit on the water can mimic feed pellets hitting the surface. Fish home in on the noise, but can only find one pellet, the one on my hook. The key is to stay active. To keep the fish interested I combine slapping and tapping with feeding pellets.”

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