Loddon Chub On Cheese Paste

Drennan employee Ian Brooker spent an afternoon just before the close season roving the banks of the River Loddon in search of chub.


“As soon as I got to the river I grabbed my ball of cheese paste and went for a wander, baiting half a dozen swims with a few small lumps of paste along the way,” he explained.

“The plan was to fish each swim for no more than 20 minutes, with the hope of nicking a quick bite. I managed six chub that afternoon with the biggest going 6lb 12oz, which bizarrely leapt out of the water like a salmon when I hooked it!”

Ian opted for a Series 7 12ft 1.5 Avon/Quiver rod with a 1oz Slow Taper Feeder Tip and 8lb Feeder & Method Mono fished on a running paternoster direct to a size 10 Kamasan Barbel Maxx hook. Leaving the tag end long enabled him to thread a leger stop, which he moulded the paste around.