Liam Stephens, 4lb 14oz Perch

“It was a true sergeant”
 On a trip to a new stillwater venue in his home county, Essex, Angler Liam Stephens connected with this immense 4lb 14oz perch on a copper spinner.
Soon after arriving he had a few small perch on the spinner and decided to stick with it, and 45 minutes into the session he hit into a fish that felt heavier but almost as if it was snagged in weed. Liam was unsure what he was into, however when he saw a ‘colossal’ perch emerge from the depths, shake its head and flare its gills, he realised he was into the biggest perch he’d ever laid his eyes on.
Liam admits his ‘legs went to jelly, but before long he had the fish in the net and he could see immediately that it smashed his previous 3lb 8oz PB. He says the shoulders on the fish were immense, and it was a ‘true sergeant’ he’ll never forget.