Lee Snow 20lb 2oz Bream

We didn’t think things could get much better on the big-bream front this spring, but when Lee Snow reported this 20lb 2oz slab, we were proven wrong in spectacular style.

It came from a midlands gravel pit and caps a scintillating start to the Leicester angler’s campaign, having landed fish of 17lb 2oz and 17lb 1oz a few weeks ago. He told us “when I joined this water in 2016, I told everyone I was there for a ‘twenty’, and a few people laughed at me, But if you put the effort in, the rewards are there in most specimen waters. This catch was made even better as I had my lad, Alfie, with me to see the fish. I still can’t believe it happened! This is a rock-hard venue, and in all the years I’ve fished it I’ve only had six bream.”

Lee had the fish on a fake corn and caster hookbait from a spot around 60 yards out down the back of a bar, where he’d fed just a few balls of groundbait laced with corn, casters, hemp and pellets.

Well done Lee!