Lee McManus 3lb 5oz Roach

Reigning Drennan Cup champion Lee McManus is never far away from the big fish and his form continued this winter after landing this stunning roach of 3lb 5oz.

The Leicestershire angler was fishing a southern gravel pit and had the fish on a groundbait feeder, fished with a short hooklink – heli-style – and a size 16 hook baited with double red maggot. Arriving at his swim, Lee had a few casts with a Deeper Fish Finder, which revealed the lakebed in front of him to be very flat. In fact, the only feature he could find was the nearside marginal shelf, so that’s where he decided to fish.

To kick things off he fed one spomb of hemp and casters, then recast his feeder every 15 minutes. The roach came within his first two hours’ fishing and was the only one of the trip, but Lee didn’t mind one bit!

Well done Lee!