Lee McManus 12lb, 16lb and 16lb 4oz Bream

Over the years I have caught my fair share of bream over the 16lb mark but never 2 in the same session..

Lee Mcmanus has certainly done his homework on a secluded 25 acre midlands gravel pit and put it to good use recently by bagging himself a 16lb 4oz and this 16lb 12oz bream!

Lee told us “I started fishing the put back in October 2019 and had planned a 48 hour session, although I’d still be fishing it was more for a bit of homework and to get a proper feel for the place. After choosing my swim I spent a few hours with the marker rod plodding about and settled on two spots at the bottom of a gravel bar at 125 yards and 140 yards. This would really put the pressure on my 1.75lb tc bream rods and despite a struggle at first, I managed to hit the spots after a bit of practice and ended that session ecstatic with two bream to 15lb 2oz and a common carp to show for my efforts.

I had already decided in my head that I would return and fish the same gravel bar at a later date but the 140 yard cast was a bit of a pain, I thought there must be an easier way. I looked at the far bank and it looked much closer to the spot so I decided to investigate and cast my marker rod out to the spot and walked round. It took me a good hour of trekking in my waders to reach the swim so I was knackered by the time I arrived but like they safe, effort equals reward and I wasted no time in casting a lead our of the marker and soon discovered that it was only a 90 yard cast! With the spots marked down I was happy with my findings.

Fast forward to my most recent trip and I was back up the pit for another 48 hour session but this time from the opposite bank. With a bright clear sky and no wind I wasn’t the most confident and almost questioned what I was doing there but you never know unless you give it a try. I already had my rods clipped up at the correct distance so I quickly put five spombs of hemp, caster, corn, pellets and groundbait out and plopped my rigs out over the top with three fake casters on the hair as hookbait.

The hours soon passed away and I spent most of my time watching the water for signs of bream over my rods but nothing, the first day and night of my trip passed without a bite. I thought that was going to be it but the on my final morning it finally came good and I had two bites which resulted in 2 big bream. Over the years I have caught my fair share of bream over the 16lb mark but never 2 in the same session so to say I was shocked was an understatement. I’m just glad I made the effort to mark up the spot from the other side of the lake as it definitely helped me present a bait with better precision and got me the fish I was after.”