Latest Video: The Series 7 Pole

Dean Barlow with a quality net of carp, F1s, tench and silverfish – all caught with the Series 7 Pole.

Dean Barlow gives the all-new Series 7 Pole a workout in our latest video. 

The England international visits the fantastic Ivy House Lakes near Swindon and proves what a brilliant mixed fishery it is with a tidy net of tench, carp, F1s and silverfish.

The qualities of the Series 7 Pole are clear to see as Dean puts the pole through its paces at 13.0 and 14.5m lengths.

The standard Series 7 Pole package comes with an ST Kit, two Carp Kits and one of our ingenious Double 2 Carp Kits, plus a Cupping Kit, two Half Extensions and a Visi Case ‘goodie bag’ packed full of extras.

All of the top kits are fitted with our Side Pull System and come with Roller Cones as standard. You can also tailor the top-kit package to suit your own needs.

Watch the video here >>