Lasse’s Beautiful Danish Specimens

Thank you to Lasse Birch Højrup for sending some excellent photos of some of his recent Danish specimen Roach, Perch and Ide.

Lasse tells us he managed to locate some big shoals of Roach that congregate in brackish water during the winter months. Using a Crystal Avon 5AAA float and sweetcorn hookbaits he landed more than 50 quality fish with an average weight of about 1lb!  The biggest fish were caught in the last hour and weighed in at 1 lb 15 oz.

Prior to that Lasse found a river stretch containing a large number of Ide. Normally the Ide fishing in Denmark is limited to the spring, so he was quick to try and fish for them!

“On a short morning session I landed 9 Ide with the biggest weighing 5 lb 3 oz. Who would have thought that my biggest Ide of 2013 would be caught in November?

The fish took a piece of crust fished on a paternoster rig with a Drennan Oval Groundbait feeder filled with mashed bread. The hook link was 6 lb Double Strength and the rod was a Series 7 Specialist Avon 12ft 1½ lb”. Explained Lasse.

“I haven’t used much time perch fishing in recent years but my brother and I had a great trip in mid-December. Small live roach were fished on a paternoster and the bites were detected on the quiver tip on the Avon Quiver rod.  A great way to catch perch and we ended at more than 30 fish with the biggest of 3 lb 9 oz. 2013 was a great year and luckily it ended well too!”

For full details on the Series 7 Specialist Avon 12ft 1½ lb rod, click here.