Kevin Sanders 3lb 5oz Rudd

After landing his first three-pound rudd earlier this season, Kevin Sanders has just smashed his PB again with this 3lb 5oz specimen.

The Cambridgeshire angler was fishing the same pit in his home county and used the same tactic – a pellet-loaded method feeder with a 12mm yellow pop-up boilie hookbait – to tempt this fish.

On this occasion, however, he only had a short morning session on his hands, so fished the same swim he’d had success previously. After landing a good common carp that muscled in on the action, Kevin was left feeling gutted after losing what felt a big rudd in some lilies.

However, it wasn’t long until he hit into what he reckoned was another good fish, but this time, he didn’t make the same mistake, and made sure to steer it clear of the lilies before netting it first time. Once on the mat, Kevin couldn’t believe the size of it, and at 3lb 5oz, it obliterates his week-old PB.

Well done Kevin!