Kevin Cross at Rolf’s

This picture shows Kamasan’s Kevin Cross in action at Oxfordshire’s Rolf’s Lake – photos by Drennan’s Paul Green. The match in question had been quite a struggle until the last 90 mins or so of the match, when Kev’s patient feeding of various lines started to pay dividends. He’d replumbed a spot at 6m and began feeding there, which proved a profitable ploy, plus lines in the margins and out at 13m began producing bites.

Kev’s tackle on the day included a Garbolino 13m Pole for the long line, and a Drennan 8.5m Margin Pole for the closer-in spots. Rigs were Mick Wilkinson Carp Stick floats on 6lb Supplex main line, with the new Kamasan B911 X Eyed in a size 14 or 12 depending on the bait. By far the most successful bait on the day was 6mm expander pellet direct on the size 14 hook or a drilled 8mm hard pellet mounted on a hair using the new Drennan quick stops on the size 12 hook. The stops are brilliant for fishing hard pellet rather (than on a band) as the pellet just doesn’t come off! The hooks were tied to short (6”) 5lb Supplex hook lengths.

Elastic for the pole is either Red Hydro (which can be a bit harsh when the fish are not really having it) or Red Drennan Bungee. I prefer the Bungee to be honest as you can tighten it up on the winder if you really start to bag up. Set a bit slacker you can often avoid bumping fish on the strike when they are being finicky. Despite a slow start Kev managed around 60lb of carp by the weigh in!

For details on the Drennan Quick Stops, click here.