Kelvin Sherman 15lb 3oz Barbel

Alot of our rivers are much busier than normal with various water users, but this didn’t put Kelvin Sherman off as he landed himself this lovely 15lb 3oz River Thames Barbel.

Kelvin told us “I arrived at a stretch of the River Thames in Oxfordshire’s around 5pm, I then spent time baiting two areas of the swim whilst I waited for the canoes and boats to drift off. I regularly fed 8mm pellet alongside a mix of whole and chopped 18mm boilie. Around 7:30pm I finally got the rods out with PVA mesh bags of broken boilies. and about 45 minutes later, as dusk descended, my rod positioned mid-river hooped over.

Right away I knew it was a heavy fish, and when it made a beeline for the far margin, I thought it was a river carp. Eventually though she was in the net and is a new Thames PB for me.”