Joshua Dorka 4lb 7oz Rudd

The British record rudd was rocked when 24 year old Joshua Dorka landed this fine 4lb 7oz specimen which was just 3oz short of the official 4lb 10oz record, caught by Simon Parry back in 2001.

Rotherham based Joshua targeted a spot around 30 yards out on his syndicate lake, where he had seen a few rudd roll next to a weedbed before setting up. “Whilst I usually fish for the carp in this lake, I’d been saying to myself for some time that I will have to have a go for the big rudd and I’m certainly glad that I did! I’ve caught some from here before on the float, but this time I used leger tactics with a small, chopped down pop up on my lighter rod to try and single out the bigger fish. The bite came around 11.30pm and I knew straight away that I was into a decent fish. As it came to the net it decided to power off and tried to get under my other rods but I managed to turn its head just in time and slipped it into the net. I have well and truly got the big rudd bug now and a few days later I returned and banked a further 2 going 3lb 7oz and 3lb 1oz.” Joshua told us.