Jonathan Pomroy 7lb 10oz Chub

Having received a few twitches on the tip and reeling in to see the imprints of a chub’s lips on his cheese paste hookbait, Buckinghamshire angler Jonathan Pomroy switched to a lighter lead and was rewarded with this 7lb 10oz chub.

He was fishing on Hertfordshire’s River Colne and had worked his way from the top of the stretch before settling in a swim with a run of far bank snags. This fish gave him a positive bite after he’d cast slightly upstream, allowing his hookbait to trickle along the gravel bottom.

After hooking it, the chub held deep in the flow for a few minutes, making an odd lunge for the far bank, before he steered it to the waiting net. His set-up comprised of 6lb mainline down to a size six wide gape hook, around the shank of which he slid a piece of cork to help balance his hookbait.

Well done Jonathan!