John-Joe Price 3lb 2oz Grayling

John-Joe Price couldn’t quite believe his luck when this personal best 3lb 2oz grayling graced his net after an intense under the tip battle.

He told us “I was trotting on the River Frome and focused my efforts onto a small slack on the inside of a bend some yards downstream. As soon as I hooked the grayling it came straight up to the surface and as soon as it did, I could see it was a big fish. The fight was quite slow due to the fast flowing water between me and the slack, this meant there were long periods which was at a complete standstill as the fish took no line but I gained none either. After what felt like an ago the fish finally came under the tip but it made every effort possible to reach any nearby snag and reed bed it could find. After 5 minutes the fish was finally in the net and soon took the scales round to 3lb 2oz which beat my previously pb of 2lb 13oz.”