John Goble 38lb 2oz pike

“For years I’d wanted to improve my Norfolk Broads pike best of 35lb 10oz and after hearing of a few thirties caught recently I knew I had a chance.”

“My mate and I set up in a likely spot and i decided to fish with two rigs – one with a roach livebait and the other with a free-lined section of lamprey.

“After half-an-hour I hadn’t had a bite but I accidentally backed into the rear rest holding up my lamprey rod, which ultimately moved the bait out of position.

“Before reeling in I twitched it a couple of times and then WHACK! Pike on!

“I backwind all my fish but this one kept the handle spinning, and coupled with the bend it imparted in the rod I knew it was a monster.

“When It surfaced I shouted ‘oh my god’ before my mate netted it first time – it was a proper magical moment!

“It was so long! I didn’t realise how big it was.

“My mate said: ‘You’ll never believe it… it’s 38lb 2oz and 49 inches long!’

“I’m 75-years-old and not in the best of health so I’m super elated to have caught this pike.”