Jerry Brown 18lb 10oz Barbel

Jerry Brown was left ‘buzzing for hours’ after landing this superb 18lb 10oz barbel from King’s Weir on the River Lea..
It’s a venue that’s produced big fish non-stop over recent months, with anglers catching on everything from maggots to boilies. Although, Jerry did things slightly differently, tempting this specimen on a piece of hair-rigged tandoori flavoured luncheon meat, which he fished on a running rig.

During the day, he’d pre-baited a swim with a few mixed pellets and started fishing at dusk. Once he had a bite, he connected with a powerful fish that kited behind an overhanging bush, so he had to hold firm with the rod way down, to steer the fish out. After a few nervy moments, the like plucked off a few smaller branches and the fish was safely landed.

Well done Jerry!