Jay Elliott’s 8lb 2oz Trent chub

The River Trent chub record has been rocked with the capture of the biggest example of the species reported this season at a colossal summer weight of 8lb 2oz

The remarkable specimen in question fell to Vortex Baits backed Jay Elliott who was amidst a short four hour session on the midlands river when the big fish picked up his bait.
The 44-year-old from Nottingham exclusively told Angling Times: “This had to be one of the finest four sessions in my 34 years history in angling.
 “After failing to connect with two bites, resulting in bait missing from the hair, I knew there were chub in the swim.

“There was no mistakes on the third bite and from the off I knew it was a good fish, with typical thudding chub headshakes.
“When I saw the huge mouth and big rubber lips, my heart skipped a beat, then when the fish was in the net I realised it was beyond my wildest dreams.”

Jay tackled the Trent chub with a running rig comprising of a 4oz gripper lead and a 3ft hooklength fixed to a Hybrid Tackle size 8 curve shank hook.
He used a Vortex Crab, Krill and Oyster Cocoon boilie on the hair and presented this alongside a Castaway PVA mesh bag of freebies on each cast.”