Jacob’s First Match Win

Jacob Orton – a top match angler in the making!

Here’s a lovely account of Jacob Orton’s first ever match win, sent in by his very proud father, Rob.

“Please find attached a picture of my son Jacob who fished his ever first match last week when we were away at White Acres Fisheries. He won the junior match with 46lb 4oz on Trelawney Lake!

“He caught mainly carp on the float, which took a while to get going, a couple tight over on the Method Feeder and fished down the edge for a couple of barbel and F1s.

“It wasn’t until we were packing away that we realised pretty much everything he had used was made by Drennan! The new Compact Twistlock landing net handle was perfect, as he had struggled with a traditional two-piece type, so we were able to adjust to suit his size.

Super Specialist Compact Twistlock Handle

“From being a nervous lad of 13 queuing with everyone else for the Thursday Rover to being called up to collect his trophy at the results it will be a day we won’t forget!”

We hope this is the beginning of many match wins for young Jacob. Keep up the great work!